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2pc Folding Spring Table Hinge.

2pc Folding Spring Table Hinge.

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2pc Folding Spring Table Hinge.

Furniture Lifting Mechanism, Lifting Frame for Coffee/Computer Table, Metal Frame.

Product Description: 

Type: Lift Up Hinge Gas Hydraulic

Colour: Black

Material: Metal 

Material: Stainless Steel

Mechanism: 2.5mm and 4mm

Angle Range: 125 Degree 


Use for coffee/computer tables with plenty of other uses.

When working from home the recommendation is not to use your couch as an office but you could make a table that folds up whilst your sitting on the couch, saving you time and improve efficiency (well that’s what you tell your boss).

Some may come with minor scratches on the hinges during shipping, you could repaint if it bothers you

Mounting screws are not included (you can choose the right screws for your projects)


1 pair lifting hinge spring


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