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Drywall Fitting Tool

Drywall Fitting Tool

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I don’t know about you but re-lining a ceiling by yourself can be a bit tricky. I mean you’re trying to hold up a sheet of plaster board from a ladder while ensuring it’s in the correct place, balancing it on your head while you get your drill to screw in the screws.

Against a wall is easy, just nail in a couple of blocks to rest 1 edge on while you hold up the other end to screw in. it’s the next piece that’s hard and this is where these come in.


  1. Effective: Take the neck ache out of holding up plasterboard with one person. It can effectively fix the plasterboard and easy for subsequent operations.
  2. Fast Speed: The facilitating tool helps to speed up boarding a ceiling by 50%.
  3. More Accurate Operations: Allows the fixer to check that the board is perfectly aligned before fixing.
  4. Application: Drywall Fitting Tool; Package includes: 2 X Plasterboard Fixing Tools.



Material: ABS

Colour: Red Only


Package Included:

2 x Drywall Fitting Tool


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