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Drywall Sanding Disk, 10 pack.

Drywall Sanding Disk, 10 pack.

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225mm 8-Hole Hook-and-Loop for Drywall Sanding Disk, 10 pack.

Hook and loop sanding discs makes the sandpaper stick to the sanding pads. 225mm 8 hole sanding disc is more efficient for dust removal.

PREMIUM QUALITY: 225mm sanding discs are made from premium aluminum oxide abrasive. The grain on the surface cuts well and lasts a reasonably long time.

UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: Hook and loop sanding disc fits most drywall sanders.


Material: Aluminum oxide abrasive
Diameter: 22.5 cm
Grits: Choose either 60/80/100/120/150 or 240grit
Quantity: 10 sanding discs (each grit) per pack.


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