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KN95/FFP2 Mask 10pk

KN95/FFP2 Mask 10pk

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KN95/FFP2 Mask

Particle Filtering Half Mask


KN95/FFP2, CE certified. 

Outer ply: High‐quality Spun bonded nonwoven fabric 50gsm

Second Ply: Hot air Cotton fabric 40gsm

Middle ply: High‐quality melt‐blown nonwoven fabric 25gsm

Fourth ply: High‐quality melt‐blown nonwoven fabric 25gsm

Inner Ply: SSS High‐quality Spun bonded nonwoven fabric 25gsm

FDA food‐grade materials. Non‐toxic, non‐irritating, odorless and safer to use.

More comfortable to wear 

Below is from the NZ Covid19/Govt Web Site.


Disposable P2/N95 particulate respirators

Disposable high-filtration face masks or particulate respirators offer the highest level of protection, when used correctly.

These face masks work best when a person is ‘fit tested’ so that there is a tight seal against the wearer’s face. It is important to follow manufacturer’s instructions on how to mold these face masks to your face so there are no gaps.

These face masks can offer hours of protection when in high-risk indoor settings where there is no or little ventilation. But they need to have a very tight seal around the face. If there is not a tight seal around the face, these face masks do not provide any better protection than a well-fitting medical mask.

You can reuse these face masks several times if you leave them for 5 to 7 days between each use. If they no longer provide a tight fit around your face, then you should dispose of them.

Particulate respirator face masks come in a variety of models, prices, availability and suitability. Demand for these masks has been high. They are often identified by which international regulatory standard they meet.

  • P2 is the Australia/New Zealand respiratory standard.
  • N95 is the United States respiratory standard.
  • KN95 is the Chinese respiratory standard.
  • FFP2 is the European respiratory standard.

Currently frontline staff at the border and in healthcare settings who are at greater risk of exposure to COVID-19 need these face masks.

NOTE: I have added the Certification Documents HERE 

  NOTE: These only ship to New Zealand Customers.

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