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100pcs/bag 304 Stainless Steel Ties

100pcs/bag 304 Stainless Steel Ties

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100pcs/bag 304 Stainless Steel Ties 4.6*300mm Self-locking Cable Zip Tie


Stainless steel cable tie: corrosion-resistant, anti-oxidation, anti-ultraviolet, high temperature resistance, cold resistance, high strength and harsh outdoor environments.


The stainless steel self-locking zipper tie can lock the item very firmly, and the locking teeth fix the tie at the required length, and it will become tighter every time you pull it.

Adjustable: Use diagonal pliers to cut off the excess.

Easy to use and replace.

Name: Zip Tie
Material: Stainless steel 
Dimensions: 300mm x 4.6mm x 0.25mm
Applications: auto parts, outdoor, home maintenance, computer maintenance
Maximum temperature: up to 932 F
Maximum support weight: 90 kg (198 lb)

Features: Oxidation resistance, high temperature resistance, cold resistance, high strength, easy to use self-locking cable tie.

The size of the metal cable tie is 4.6×300mm. The maximum beam diameter is 90 mm. The maximum support weight of our metal ties is 90kg (198 pounds).

Working temperature -170℉~+1000℉
Wide range of applications: This multifunctional cable tie is widely used in machinery, vehicles, gardens, farms, cables, pipes, roofs, basements, and most outdoor commercial construction work and industrial. No special tools are required. Only need a set of needle-nose pliers to tighten, and diagonal pliers or tin snips to cut the zipper tie.

Packing list
1 bag x Zip tie (100pcs)


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