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Moisture Meter

Moisture Meter

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Digital LCD Wood Hygrometer Moisture Meter Detector Tester Measurement Tool Without battery

Wide range and precise range: measurement data can be obtained faster and more accurately.

Multi-function: 2-pin digital moisture meter, data retention function, can read data for a long time, easy to read on the large LCD display, if there is no use within 15 minutes, it will automatically shut down.

Compact design: impact-resistant shell, light, small and easy to carry.

Widely used: suitable for woodworkers and homeowners to measure the moisture content of most wood.

Name: Moisture Meter
Materiel: ABS
Moisture test range: 0~99.9%
Accuracy: ±0.5% resolution up to 0.1%
Electrode length: 10mm (0.4")
There are four types of tested wood for you to choose:
 A is teak, gerbera, walnut, etc.
B stands for poplar, Keruin, etc.
C stands for Lauan, Ash, Elm, etc.
D is used for B wood, larch, pine, etc.

How to use
Step 1: Remove the protective cover of the meter, and then press the "Power" button.
Step 2: Press "Mode" to select the matching wood group.
Step 3: Push the pin into the wood, and then display the reading.
Step 4: After the reading is stable, press "HOLD" and you can read the record.
Step 5: Press the "Power" button to turn off the device, or 15m automatic power off function can save battery power.

Packing list:
1 x Moisture Meter


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