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Wind Turbine 12v Generator

Wind Turbine 12v Generator

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Newly Developed Wind Turbine 5000w 12v Generator with 6 Blades plus Free PWM Controller



Automatically adjusts to the wind direction.

High wind energy conversion rate.

Strong wind resistance ability.

High cost-performance.

Low vibration and low noise


Rated wattage: 5000W

Voltage: 12V

Start wind speed: 2m/s

Rated wind speed: 11.5m/s

Safe wind speed: 55m/s

Wind wheel diameter: 1.35m

Blade number: 6

Blade material: nylon fiber

Cabin material: nylon fiber

Generator: 3phase AC PMG

Wind direction adjustment: auto adjust

Working temperature: -40℃ 80℃

Package Includes:

1 x Wind Turbine 6 Blade Kit

1 x User manual

1 x PWM Controller

Steel Pole NOT Included


  1. High quality technical components guarantee its stability and reliability.
  2. Voltage/current control charging make sure storage batteries are always at the best state of charge.
  3. MPPT charging effectively collects power from generator to charge storage batteries. 
  4. Aluminum alloy shell makes it light and good heat dissipation.
  5. Full protections: overcharge, over discharge, reverse connection of batteries, overloading, lighting, current control, automatic braking or manual braking of wind generator


First, connect the battery.

Second, connect the wind turbine. If you connect wind turbine before battery, the controller may be burned if the wind is heavy. You can short-circuit wind turbine's 3 wires to brake the turbine before connecting the turbine to the controller.

Third, the controller chooses its working voltage 12V or 24V by detecting the battery voltage. If the battery is 12V, the controller will work in 12V mode, if the battery is 24 V, the controller will work in 24V mode.




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