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Woodworking Chain Wheel

Woodworking Chain Wheel

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Angle Grinder Chain Disc Woodworking Chain Wheel 

Sharp. The grinding chain wheel with sharp teeth can effectively help you cut, carve and shape wood.
Durable. The grinding chain wheel uses high quality hard metal material, which is durable and has good longevity.
High speed. The grinding chain wheel's speed can go up to a high of 14000rpm.           

Chain edge. The chain saw blade has better performance in wood, plastics, ice, and hard rubber.
Application. The grinding chain wheel is designed for use in an angle grinder.

Important: don’t be stupid, wear eye protection, gloves and use the guard!

Type: grinding chain wheel
Quantity: 1pc
Material: metal
Size: 115mm / 125mm


4 inch 115mm x 22 teeth

4.5 inch 115mm x 13 teeth

5 inch 125mm x 14 teeth

Package include:
1 x grinding chain wheel



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